From common robots to neurotechnologies

Self-learning ability is a key advantage of smart robots to achieve the best financial result.

Josue Davidson Director General
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We spent more than 3 years on active development of Neuronic robotic systems in order to create a really effective program-controlled robot for cryptocurrency trading

Engineers of NEURONIC ROBOTIC SYSTEMS LTD started with simple trading programs containing elementary algorithms to comply with single routine tasks that facilitated significantly currency trading process on online exchanges despite a number of imperfections. As far as development methods got improved, the robots became smarter and the built-in algorithms of automated trading even more complicated and professional.

Taking into account imperfections of previous programs we designed completely new generation of robotic trading systems with neural networks architecture and unique decision making algorithms capable of machine learning and instant adaptation to any changes on the global cryptocurrency market.

Road map

  • Creation of a trading program prototype built on direct algorithms

  • Conceptual idea concerning creation of a neural network for cryptocurrency trading

  • First Pre-Alfa version of the trading system and initialization of the neural network training

  • Beta-test and open trials of the robotic trading programs

  • Development of the investment platform and its integration with Neuronic trading systems

  • Official release of the final version of Neuronic investment platform

  • Phased introduction of useful and comfortable functions for the platform customers

  • Private market of api-data for successful trading of Neuronic commercial customers

  • Implementation of new offers for investments with Forex trading smart robots

  • Release of “Neuronic mobile” application for mobile devices based on iOS and Android

  • Release of a trading robot for professional trading as a particular software product

  • Development of a personal brand and launch of a commercial franchise under “Neuronic” brand name

How Neuronic platform works


Register personal back office, choose investment terms, and open a deposit account.


Participate in trade transactions and get your daily profit

  • Technical analysis

  • News sources and thematic resources

  • Analytics of traders’ behavior and psychology

  • Other data research


Withdraw profit instantly to your personal account using popular payment systems or cryptocurrencies.

We cooperate with top exchanges

Robots trade only on large and approved international cryptocurrency exchanges.


AdvantagesWhy investors entrust their assets management to us?

  • Professional trading algorithms with a neural network architecture

  • Continuous software update of trading systems

  • Personal consulting at any investment stage

  • High-quality capital and financial risks management

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